Be Informed in Mountlake Terrace        

  • Follow the City of Mountlake Terrace on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.
  • Visit the reader board in front of new City Hall (23204 58th Avenue W) for emergency information (installation soon).
  • Turn your TV or radio to a local station during regional emergencies.
  • Monitor weather conditions from the National Weather Service.
  • Listen to a NOAA Weather Radio.
  • Follow FEMA Region 10 on Twitter and LinkedIn and visit for more information.
  • When you get reliable information, share it with your neighbors.

Disaster Response

City disaster response plans use the Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service to provide emergency communications back up. In the event of a communications loss, licensed amateur band Radio Operators report to pre-designated sites to establish a radio communications network between city Emergency Operations Centers (EOC), 911 dispatch centers, hospitals, Red Cross shelters, and command posts where disaster response operations are managed.

Widespread or Long-term Power Outages

In the event of widespread and/or long-term power outages, the city may utilize posting sites within Mountlake Terrace to relay important information to our community. The posting sites would be located in major gathering sites that are accessible within the city, such as shopping centers, churches, community centers, and schools. If the power permits, the city will post information on its website, social media sites and work with Edmonds College to post information on the Government Access Channel 21 on cable television. For additional information please visit the SNO911 website.

To prepare for wide spread power outages, purchase a battery powered or crank radio as an essential part of your emergency kit

Unnecessary phone calls may overload the communications system and prevent emergency calls from getting through.