Transportation Master Plan Update

The 2020 TMP update (TMPU) addresses the changing conditions Mountlake Terrace will experience with the introduction of light rail, the development of the Town Center, and overall growth the community will experience with zoning modifications that allow greater densities.  The TMPU includes an analysis of Mountlake Terrace’s current transportation needs, and creates a vision for its transportation system to accommodate future demand with improved accessibility through safe and efficient mobility throughout the city.   

The TMPU also reviews the city’s existing transportation planning methods and strategies, and condenses them into an organized structure. Staff intends to restructure the TMPU over the next three years and incorporate the resulting document as the Transportation Element of the City’s Comprehensive Plan.

2020 Transportation Master Plan Update 

Entire Document       Cover Page, Executive Summary, and Table of Contents

    Chapter 1 - Introduction

    Chapter 2 - Regulatory Compliance with State and Local Planning Agencies

    Chapter 3 - Public Outreach Program

    Chapter 4 - Transportation Goals Principles and Policies

    Chapter 5 - Motorized Plan

    Chapter 6 - Pedestrian Plan

    Chapter 7 - Bicycle Plan

    Chapter 8 - Public Transit Plan

    Chapter 9 - Environment Considerations

    Chapter 10 - Maintenance and Operations Plan

    Chapter 11 - Implementation and Funding Plan


The City's previous Transportation Master Plan was adopted in 2007. Over the past 13 years the city’s population has increased by six percent, with future forecasts of the population surging 18 percent by 2035.

The TMPU provides a comprehensive analysis of the existing transportation system in Mountlake Terrace and forecasts future conditions to 2035. The TMPU was adopted on December 20, 2020 and can be accessed using the links below - both as a complete document and by individual chapters; a link to the appendices to the TMPU is also provided. The TMPU is structured into seven primary components:

  1. Compliance with state regulations and consistency with regional planning guidelines;
  2. A robust public outreach effort;
  3. Development of transportation goals and policies unique to Mountlake Terrace;
  4. Analysis of existing transportation facilities and future potential needs for automobiles, pedestrians, bicyclists and public transit users; 
  5. Environmental and safety objectives;
  6. Maintenance and operation needs; and
  7. Implementation and funding strategies.

The TMPU identifies projects to improve safety and connectivity, as well as operational and infrastructure needs that are essential for a comprehensive and effective multi-modal transportation network. It also identifies the existing transportation system and examines new policies, regulations and technologies that will preserve and maintain the city’s existing facilities in order to alleviate demand on the city’s budget.

The TMPU is a living document, which addresses all modes of transportation in Mountlake Terrace and promotes priorities, strategies and guidance for responding to transportation issues, enhancing traveler safety, implementing capital improvement programs and addressing budget constraints.

The Planning Commission reviewed the draft TMPU on five individual occasions.  At the fifth meeting Planning Commission concluded with a motion to forward the plan to the City Council for review, a public hearing and final adoption.

The public was provided the opportunity to review and comment on TMPU in an online Survey which was available for public feedback from February through July of 2020 and an online Open House which was available for public feedback from late September to mid-October of 2020.  A total of 178 people completed the online Survey and 59 participants partook in the online Open House. The development of TMPU was greatly enhanced with feedback received from both stakeholders.