Property Owner Responsibilities

Mountlake Terrace homeowners and business/property owners are responsible for clearing snow and ice off driveways and sidewalks near their property, including the ridge of snow left along the edge of driveways by the snowplow. The city will not plow driveways.

Homeowners and business/property owners that plow snow or have it removed from their property shall not place the snow in the public right-of-way. This is not permitted and can lead to hazardous conditions for the traveling public. Homeowners and business/property owners must accommodate removed snow on their own property or make arrangements to have the snow removed to another location.

Homeowners and business/property owners should also help clear catch basins to make way for runoff from melting snow and avoid pooling water. The city encourages residents to stay home during a heavy snowstorm event unless there is an emergency. If residents must travel, the city asks that they use public transportation whenever possible.