Street Maintenance Maps

Priority Routes

Mountlake Terrace Public Works had developed priority routes for snow plowing and deicing operations. For snow removal three tiers have been developed according to the flowing factors; volume of traffic, speed of traffic, terrain, transit routes, school routes and routes utilized by emergency services. Except in unusual circumstances, all Priority One, Two, and Three streets will be kept open and maintained at all times. During severe winter storms; it may be necessary to drop Priority Three or even Priority Two streets temporarily in order to ensure that the Priority One streets remain open.

Pavement Markings

Mountlake Terrace Public Works maintains approximately 900 pavement markings, which include crosswalks, stop bars and turn arrows. The individual marks are made of a water-based traffic paint or thermoplastic which is melted onto the road service. Annual maintenance is performed on all paint based markings during summer months and thermoplastic markings are maintained every 3 to 7 years depending on traffic volume. For more information please contact the Public Works Department.